Pharma Pax Cap Lock 3-Pack (CVS Pill Bottle)

Pharma Pax Cap Lock 3-Pack (CVS Pill Bottle)


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The Pharma Pax Cap Lock prevents unauthorized access to your medication. This first line of defense creates a tamper evidence barrier to protect you and your loved ones. Fits varying size standard pill bottles from CVS Pharmacy®. Includes metal lock and 2 keys. Our Pax Cap Lock is not designed to be indestructible. The Pax Cap Lock is strong enough to prevent unauthorized access to medication, but in the event that extreme force is used to break the device, it would leave behind irreversible tamper evidence.

Our 3-Pack bundle includes one of each sized Pharma Pax Cap locks (one 13-16 dram Cap Lock, one 20 dram Cap Lock, and one 40-60 dram Cap Lock). The bundle also includes 3 locks and 3 keys.

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