About Us

Company Core Values:  Employees of Pharma Pax LLC are to strive to improve the life of any of our affected patients. The first priority of the company is to provide loyalty to the affected people/patients/nurses/doctors and to the well being of any individuals in need of medical care. After this the employees are to treat the customers with willingness to support fair transactions that benefit the participating parties. And finally Pharma Pax will ensure its employees are able to engage with the people we are helping and that they are provided with a great work environment where there are treated with respect and dignity.

Behind the Scenes:  Pharma Pax was founded with a team dedicated to improving the behavior of patients in regards to medication adherence. The Pharma Pax team identified that there was a significant problem with the current method for prescribing and distributing pharmaceuticals. The team is a group of motivated engineers and sales personnel with one goal in mind: Control medication distribution.  

Organizations Making a Difference:

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Pharma Pax LLC is a privately owned Limited Liability Corporation.